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Leonard Peltier In Support Of The Dine’ of Big Mountain

October 18, 2001 by  
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Greetings Friends and Supporters, I am writing to reiterate my full support of the Dine’ of Big Mountain and  their continued resistance against relocation. The final eviction day,  February 1st, came and went without any major confrontations or skirmishes. I  think this strategy is very intentional in that the government knows a long,  drawn-out and […]

Analysis of Dineh case & needs (Center for Constitutional Rights)

October 17, 2000 by  
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In continuing pursuit of a policy whose effects, if not means, are indistinguishable from
the ethnic cleansing and genocide visited on Native peoples throughout American history, the
United States seeks to relocate all Navajo (Dineh) people living on that portion of traditional
Navajo lands recently designated by the government to be for the exclusive use and occupancy of the Hopi.