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Stop The Black Mesa Project: Peabody’s Massive Coal Mining Expansion Plans

ALERT: The Permitting Process for Massive Coal Mining Expansion Plans, The Black Mesa Project, has been Re-opened and Comments for Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Were Issued the Day After Election!

Both Republican & Democratic parties have consistently expressed support for the development of so-called ‘clean coal’ technology to help solve the nation’s energy problem while claiming to be interested in fighting pollution, global warming, and human rights. While many environmental and scientific groups have questioned whether the burning of coal can ever be clean, for First Nations in the Four Corners area ‘clean coal’ is also a matter of ethnic cleansing and of their survival.

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Black Mesa studies to resume, slurry appears dead

By Marley Shebala, Navajo Times, April 17, 2008

WINDOW ROCK – The 38-year-old Black Mesa Pipeline is retiring.

The federal Office of Surface Mining has directed the pipeline’s present owner, Black Mesa Pipeline Co., to remove all trace of the structure, which was used to transport coal slurry from the Black Mesa Mine to the Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nev. Read more

No power plant aids N-aquifer

Black Mesa Environmental Impact Statement
to be reactivated

By Kathy Helms
Diné Bureau

WINDOW ROCK — The Black Mesa Environmental Impact Statement is being reactivated, however the preferred alternative, which includes the C-aquifer pipeline, reportedly will be eliminated.

John Stucker, senior mining engineer for the Navajo Nation Minerals Department’s Surface Mining Program, said Friday that with the closure of Mohave Generating Station, Alternative A is no longer necessary, because the coal slurry pipeline that transported coal from Black Mesa Mine to Mohave is no longer operating. Read more

Summary – Black Mesa Project

Massive mining plans are underway that have
serious environmental, social, and human rights
impacts. Peabody Western Coal, the world’s
largest coal company, is attempting to obtain a
‘Life of Mine’ permit from the federal Office of
Surface Mining (OSM): which means a lease
extension application that would permit them
to mine indefinitely, and dramatically increase
the current rate of coal production to turn Black
Mesa into a massive energy center for domestic
and international export. Read more

SRP ceases efforts to restart Mohave Generating Station


SRP Ceases Effort to Restart Mohave Generating Station
Concludes that Timeline Delays would Render the Facility Economically Unfeasible

Salt River Project, a 20 percent owner of the Mohave Generating Station (MGS) in
Laughlin, Nev., is ending efforts to return the plant to service. Read more

Leupp residents anxious about Peabody water plans

Leupp residents anxious about Peabody water plans

By Marley Shebala
Navajo Times, 1/18/07

LEUPP, Ariz. – More than 140 people showed up at two public hearings held
here on the U.S. Office of Surface Mining’s draft environmental impact
statement on the proposed Black Mesa Project last week.

The proposed project calls for Peabody Western Coal Co. to increase coal
production from the Kayenta and Black Mesa mines and pump more ground
water. Read more

Using local water for Peabody mine contentious

Sun Staff Reporter

Norman Benally was 5 years old when he was taken from his home at
Black Mesa and sent to a Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school.

He returned to a different landscape nine years later.

“The area I grew up in had all been strip-mined and everything had
changed in that way,” he said. Read more