Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Vision Statement:

We draw inspiration from the elders & families of Black Mesa. They offer us a transformative model for the strategic, visionary change that is needed to re-harmonize our relationships with one another and with the planet. In this spirit we:

  • Dream of a social movement that will transform social, economic and political realities within our lifetimes for a healthy planet liberated from fossil fuel extraction, exploitative economies, racism and oppressions for our generation and generations to come.
  • Value relationships built around principles of mutualism, accountability, and innovation. We are committed to examining power and privilege by acting to transform both internal and external systems of oppression in order to work for liberation for all people and the planet. See our Points of Unity.

(Please visit here again soon to see the rest of our vision!)

This dream continues to awaken in our hearts, inspired by the on-going resistance of the communities of Black Mesa.