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Hardrock Chapter House requesting photographs of Big Mountain/Black Mesa Resisters

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The Hardrock Chapter House is requesting photographs of Big Mountain/Black Mesa resisters the honor the struggle at the dedication of their new building next Friday (Aug. 3rd). They would like to either borrow the photos or leave them in the new building for permanent display. Please contact Mary Robertson-Begay if you have questions at (928) […]

Support Front-Line Indigenous Communities of Black Mesa, AZ Resisting Massive Coal Mining!

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We are excited to once again extend the invitation from Dineh resisters to Join the Caravan in Support of Indigenous Communities Who Are in Their Fourth Decade of Resisting Massive Coal Mining Operations on Their Ancestral Homelands of Big Mountain & Black Mesa, AZ. November 19th – 26th, 2011.

Cultural Sensitivity & Preparedness Guidebook + Registration Form

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Cultural Sensitivity & Preparedness Guidebook + Registration Form

This document is an in-depth guide that contains important information that you will need prior to and during your visit with a host family on Black Mesa. It gives you crucial information about what to expect, what to bring, and how to carry yourself while visiting Black Mesa. This guide covers how to be adequately prepared, background and current his/herstory, safety and legal issues, cultural sensitivity, code of conduct, and a suggested list of what to bring with you.

We ask all direct, on-land supporters of Black Mesa to thoroughly read over this guide and sign it. For Dine’, Hopi, & all other First Nations who understand and know traditional lifeways, there is additonal information in this guidebook for each person to review that is for the well-being of each participant. We want to ensure that each person is informed about the agreements & basic requests by families, is safe and accounted for, and that that we have your contact and emergency contact info in case of an emergency. It is of the utmost importance that you understand and respect the ways of the communities that you will be visiting. Please print out & bring this guidebook with you during your visit to Black Mesa. A heart-felt thank you for your support and have a good time on Black Mesa.

You must come prepared, and bring everything you will need. There is no electricity, no central heating, and no running water. Further down in this guide book you can find a list of suggestions for what you should bring with you to be prepared for your stay on Black Mesa.