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Leonard Peltier In Support Of The Dine’ of Big Mountain

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Greetings Friends and Supporters,

I am writing to reiterate my full support of the Dine’ of Big Mountain and  their continued resistance against relocation. The final eviction day,  February 1st, came and went without any major confrontations or skirmishes. I  think this strategy is very intentional in that the government knows a long,  drawn-out and painful war against a people does not draw as much attention  and is much more difficult to fight than a dramatic and sudden attack. I am  sure they are waiting for people’s attention to lessen before they move in  and begin moving people one by one, when few are watching.

Over the years the resisters have had to struggle just to survive, and the  very fact that they have survived and continue their resistance is testimony  to their amazing strength and belief in the Creator. The constant fear,  harassment, and dangerous conditions under which they have been forced to
live have not surmounted their knowledge and skills as gardeners and  sheepherders and caretakers of the land. At the same time, I know how the resisters must feel. The relocation bill was passed only a short time before I was arrested, and I know it has been a very long and difficult time for all of us. And like me, I know that the resisters are likely growing tired, but like me, they do not have the capability of giving up because they know they are in the right. When I think of the elders there and all that they have
been through, the pride I feel for our people swells. I am very proud of them. It is such an important time for the families to come together in unity and bring a final end to this attempt.

I want to personally ask all of you on the outside to maintain and continue to build awareness around the Big Mountain situation. And, I ask you to support the people in whatever way they request. Relocation really is genocide and if the people of Big Mountain are lost, we all will lose another
very special and sacred source of traditional knowledge and a way of life we
can all learn from.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

Leornard Peltier

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