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Hardrock distrusts McCain due to land dispute record

October 30, 2008 by  
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Senator John McCain represents an Indian fighter just like Colonel Kit Carson,” says Bahe Katenay, Diné, resident of the Hopi Partition Land.

Big Mountain Update 2008

October 4, 2008 by  
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On behalf of their peoples, their ancestral lands, and future generations, more than 350 Dineh residents of Black Mesa continue their staunch resistance to the efforts of the US Government– acting in the interests of the Peabody Coal Company—to relocate the Dineh and destroy their homelands. This land is the basis for the Black Mesa peoples’ traditions, livelihoods, and spirituality.

At this moment the decision makers in Washington D.C. are planning ways to expand their occupation of tribal lands to extract mineral & other resources. The coal companies have a long history of and continue to fund both the Republican and Democratic parties because they have huge interests at stake.

Dineh travel to San Francisco to support Freedom of Religion

February 25, 2000 by  
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On Tuesday, February 22, 2000, forty Dineh elders and representatives
gathered at the Ninth Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco, CA for an Oral
argument in the Manybeads v. US lawsuit for Freedom of Religion. The hearing
began at 10:00 AM and two Judges were present, the third participated by
speakerphone. The Dineh and numerous supporters filled one courtroom and an
overflow courtroom equipped with a television monitor.