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Support Native Youth Spring Break on Black Mesa & Organization-Based Gathering on Black Mesa

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BMIS has been collaboratively planning two exciting on-land events that could use your support!  

Native Youth Spring Break on Black Mesa
This past week (March 14-21), a group of Dineh high school students who have been working with Danny Blackgoat and BMIS headed to the land for a gathering geared towards cultural survival and Black Mesa/Big Mountain elder support.  They stayed with a family on the HPL, engaged in work projects, attended community planning meetings, toured the mine from a local family,  participated in Purpose Focus Alternative Learning’s permaculture project at Grey Hills Academy in Tuba City and visited sacred site pilgrimage with Black Mesa elders.
How You Can Support:
Please donate to help cover the cost of travel and supplies for this gathering! Checks made payable to “Black Mesa Indigenous Support” with “Youth Gathering” in memo line.  PO Box 23501 Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Organization-Based Gathering on Black Mesa
Led by Big Mountain/Black Mesa community members, BMIS is engaged in a collaborative process with members of (un)Occupy Albuquerque, Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival, Palestinian Youth Movement, No More Deaths, and members of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement to plan a land-based gathering on Black Mesa in early June.  This gathering will center the Big Mountain/Black Mesa struggle for self-determination, cultural survival, the right to remain on ancestral homelands, within movements aimed at collective liberation. Led by the Black Mesa/Big Mountain resistance community’s visions of decolonization, this gathering aims to more deeply link their struggle with other social, migrant, racial, environmental, and climate justice movements.  This invitation-based gathering will include work parties, workshops, discussion, art and cultural sharing and aims to generate tangible ways to build cross-movement connections. (Note: this is a collaborative process and planning partners from frontline resistance and solidarity organizations are determining the scope of participants by doing outreach and invitation.  BMIS is working on the logistical end of things and is respecting the tone of the gathering, which is geared towards grassroots movement organizations, not individuals. BMIS is still, of course, grateful for our supporter network and exciting to continue building with you!)
How you can support:

Because this exciting gathering differs from other BMIS gatherings and the participants have already been determined, there are other ways for the BMIS supporter network to plug in and support.  This is an opportunity to move your resources, as folks who have had the rich experience of spending time with the on-land resistance communities, to enable folks from other frontline resistance movements to connect to the 40 year-long struggle for self-determination on Black Mesa/Big Mountain.   The gathering builds on the legacy of diverse support and cross movement building with members of the Xicano movement, Farm Workers, anti-Contra organizations, Black Liberation movement, Japanese and U.S anti-nuclear movements, and peace movements who participated  in the Big Mountain support network.  Currently, we see the anti-extraction and climate justice movements centering Indigenous issues and sacred sites and treaty struggles gaining visibility; this is a great moment to foster these cross-movement connections on Black Mesa/Big Mountain.  We are asking for your financial support to help fund travel for the various organizations who will attend.  Checks made payable to “Black Mesa Indigenous Support” with “Organization-based Gathering” in memo line.


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