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Caravan 2012 Reportback

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BMIS wishes to extend thanks to all the residents of Black Mesa, regional coordinators, fundraisers, donors, wood choppers, and sheepherders who made this year’s caravan a powerful time of sharing, mutual support, growth, and fun!

We feel truly honored to be able to continue to build as a support network and as a larger resistance community.   It is in times of sharing meals and stories, working hard together, and challenging each other to deepen our analyses around Indigenous resistance and our varied relationships to it that we can really sense this building.  Our host family at base camp made us feel warm and welcomed, Grumble from Seeds of Peace and the Guerrillas of Guerilla Food not Bombs (LA) nourished us.  We are grateful!

The roving wood crew along with Clan Dyken (in their inspiring 20th or so year of steadfast support of the communities of Big Mountain/Black Mesa), were able to make over 40 loads of wood.  Sabin (long-time Black Mesa supporter) also secured a huge organic food donation that we were able to distribute around the HPL with Clan Dyken.  Additionally, with funds raised at events around the country, BMIS was able to pump some money into the local Black Mesa economy and commission twelve extra loads of wood from residents.  Thirty supporters went and stayed with families. We ended a week of hard work with a supporter circle during which we discussed various facets of decolonial politics, unity building, and allyship (Check our Anti-Colonial Resource Page soon for the articles we discussed along with other resources).

We were then honored to host an elders circle on Saturday the 24th where we heard from various residents of Big Mountain/Black Mesa, got to see arts and crafts, song and dance, and eat delicious mutton.  Many of the elders spoke about the importance of community gatherings as a source of continued strength for their resistance and expressed their thanks to the solidarity community for their continued support. The elders also held a meeting and decided to send representatives from Black Mesa to a protest in St. Louis against Peabody (see the link here).
So, from BMIS, thanks again! Ahe’hee! to everyone who helped make the caravan possible. We look forward to working with you throughout the year.  Remember, the Black Mesa/Big Mountain resistance communities request on-land support all year long. Contact BMIS to set up a stay!


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