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New! Beautiful Hademade Rugs for Sale

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These beautiful rugs are made by master weavers from Black Mesa. From herding the sheep, to dying the wool, to weaving the rugs, the weavers hand craft their rugs in the traditional Dineh (Navajo) method.

Please contact 928-309-9051 with any questions










Size: 29 1/2 x 48
Ganado red design
navajo handmade commercial wool
Tightly woven
Price: $900-1000


Size: 24 in. x 30 in.
Price: $400 and negotiable.
Eye Dazzler, all handmade with fine commercial wool and woven tight














Wide Ruins
w: 20″ 1/2″
L: 26″ 1/2″
Artist: Sevina
Cost: 350.00 – 300.00














Two Grey Hill Eye Dazzler
W: 28″
L: 31″ 1/2″
Artist: Glenna
Cost: 680.00 – 600.00


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