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Update from W. Big Mtn., The Lane Family

January 14, 2005 by  
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UAP Flagstaff, AZ. 1/14/05
Sources have informed that Jerry Lane, a Dineh resister to Relocation Policies and
resident of western Big Mountain, has made a court appearance recently. The
questionable and perhaps, unauthorized BIA-Hopi tribal court asked what he would
plead to the charges of Trespassing and Unpermitted Wood Cutting. Jerry remained
“Mute,” and the court considered it as a Not Guilty plead.

A court date will be Scheduled for late January but this is just tenatative. Jerry’s
lawyer wants to explore some Defense options and Jerry wishes to fight these
“illegal” prosecutions of Dineh resisters.

We will keep you posted but in the meantime, please, realize that this is a real
attempt to demonstrate Sovereignty. It would be a good idea to start generating
support for Jerry’s legal defense/offense strategies.

More update regarding this situation will be forthcoming.

Thank you for all your support and prayers for Rena Babbit Lane’s family

In the Spirit of Chief Barboncito,


UAP Unpopular Activist Page, January 2005

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