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Big Mountain Spring Survival Gathering, May 2004: Location Undisclosed & Purpose:

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February 24, 2004

To Our Relatives,

We wish to state the conditions of our efforts to hold a Survival Gathering within our own ancient territories of Black Mesa.

Due to the degree of threats from the BIA, local and State authorities and examples in their previous response to the Sovereign Acts of the Dineh resistors, the location of this gathering is still undetermined. It is the request and the wishes of those resistors to not announce the exact location until a time when the scheduled Gathering nears. We appreciate your patience and understanding, at this time, when We are grasping on to the last elements of our Sovereign Rights and efforts. We thank you for your understanding. However, We ask that you keep yourself informed through your network-links with the appropriate Big Mountain/Black Mesa support groups.

We continue to extend our invitation to you for your participation and also, to come out and volunteer your time to help with logistical and building needs to accomplish the goals of this Gathering. Please, help us in coordinating your arrivals to the area and most importantly give your schedules enough room for delays due to lack of transportation, distances to the nearest towns, or inclement weather conditions.

If you are unable to attend this Spring Gathering, please send us letters of solidarities to us through this website or through this group’s snail-mail address. Furthermore, please continue to direct your oppositions to your Legislators or Ministers about the inhumane practices of the United States Justice systems and its related tribal law enforcement agencies “in-the-name of multi-national corporate greed.”

Thank You for your continued support and Prayers, and
On Behalf of the Survival for the Ancient Ways of the traditional Dineh and Hopis.

Bahe (Katenay) Keediniihii

Dineh Gathering Coordinator

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