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Statement from Danny Blackgoat

June 12, 2002 by  
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June 12, 2002
Ya’ ‘at ‘eeh. Hello from Thin Rock Mesa, Dine’tah. Indian Country (Arizona, USA).

We have lost a great champion of clean environment, human rights, indigenous sovereignty and global equality. A soft spoken voice that was heard around the world. The work that Roberta Blackgoat did has far reaching consequences. Some of her words were felt immediately in the hearts of many of you. Her ideals are yet to come. Her goals we have to work towards. Her accomplishments are immeasurable.

I cannot fill her shoes and stand in her place. It’s going to take you and I together to make up 1/4 of what she was able to do by herself. So it is going to take a lot of us to continue the struggle and to begin to make differences in this apathetic, misinformed and uninformed society.

As in all cases, the passing of shima’ incurred financial upheaval for my siblings and myself. We have taken care of the funeral expenses and aerial transport back to Arizona. What is left over is medical expenses, emergency transport, etc. Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkely, alone, is $6,084. Other related costs are around $1,100. If any of you want to help out, financially, make check payable to: Alta Bates Medical Center. Send payment to: Alta Bates Medical Center, File No. 73699; P.O. Box 60000; San Francisco, California 94160-3699. The account # is 8734816. If you want to, you can send me a copy of your check, so as to know what’s been paid (you can blank out your acct# for security reasons). Send it to me at P.O. Box 349; Kykotsmovi, Arizona 86039. I thank you, all.

The Hopis have been out to my mom’s place and they have been cordial. They said, “We’re just checking out the place and to see if you (we) needed anything.” I am wondering what are they “checking” for. Anyway, it’s all quiet on the western front. How is it in your home area(s)? Drop a note. More to come. Until then, Ha’goo’nee’.

Danny Blackgoat

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