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Bahe and Hopi Elder’s statement in May 2002

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Relatives, Greetings,

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a piece about my reaction to what occurred against the Capitalistic Terror organization of the United States government in NYC at the WTC. At that time I related my reaction to what had happened with the Sun Dance grounds in my country, Big Mountain. There was much feedback that I received for that piece I did, “Terrorism, the Terminology.” Again, I can say a lot more about “9-1-1 of 2001” being that I am a victim, myself, of the US Military and its Corporate aggression since the 1860s, but if one has adapted well to the ideologies of “American patriotism,” they will never understand where I’m coming from.

So, before we start hearing the patriotic, battle hymns like “Home of the (Silenced) Brave” or “America, the (Polluted),” on behalf of the fight for liberation on Black Mesa I wish to share the valuable words of wisdom from one of our last and original traditional leaders from the Hopi Independent Nation. I feel that his statement is so appropriate at this time before America’s war and corporate machines are unleashed into the dusty desert lands of Asia and before more ‘innocent (Asian) lives’ perish.

I had wanted to write about a radioactive town on the reservation that live with much secrecy and where residences are deceived and are made to live with lethal water and air supply. However, I will sent this Elder’s message out to you all.

In the Spirit of Chief Barboncito, Bahe

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[Author’s Note: Though, grandfather from Hotevilla Pueblo wished that his statement be recorded and shared, I felt it is best to not print his name due the seriousness of his obligation to religious responsibility for his village and for his relations and also, due to the possibility ofrepercussions from state and tribal governments. Arrangements to directly respond or to establish a connection to the Hopi Independent Nation can be made upon request. Thanks, BYK.]

Traditional Hopi Religious Leader of Hotevilla Pueblo
-Transcribed by Bahe Y. Katenay (Dineh) from Hopi Elder’s statement in May

“…We are attempting to be active in saving humanity and the environment but it seems that now, we have encountered a barricade that keeps blocking our actions. We cannot just rely on one story or one messenger in this time of troubles. ….In order to confront the current destructive events, we really need to acknowledge those messengers of the ancient beliefs which can help us overcome the obstacles.”
-Hopi Traditional Religious Leader speaks to traditional Dineh resistors and supporters on Black Mesa., May 27, 2002

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