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Arrick Crittenden given a guilty verdict; a repeal of the case is in order

March 26, 2002 by  
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Arrick Crittenden who was arrested at his homesite on Big Mountain and charged with criminal trespassing was convicted of trespass in Hopi Court Monday March 26th, 2002. Several of lawyers, Jeffrey Porturica who represented ARC and Joe Washington, Bob Malone, and Larry Hildes, along with friends and relatives were present.

Arrick was sentenced to one day in jail, but given credit for time served so he does not have to spend any more time in jail. He was also sentenced to pay a fine of $100.00 and he was sentenced to pay $200.00 court costs. He has to pay the total of $300.00 within one month.

The jury deliberated only a short time before finding him guilty, which in some minds shows bias. The decision will be appealed.


Political Holocaust continues at Big Mountain:

March 26th, The Hopi Tribal Court declared Arrick Crittenden “Guilty verdict” from an all Prejudice Jurors who some of them openly admitted they Hated Navajos!”we use to burned their (Navajo homes) since childhood! and throw rocks at them!”

In this trespass charge at Big Mountain against Arrick Crittneden has no grounds in for any of the other issues such as the ceremonial grounds that have been desecrated and destroyed by the “Politically motivated” actions and that this is his homesite where he was arrested. There was no consideration in any of these issues in which we feel, is an organized crime carried out by the Hopi Tribal Council. It is a “Hate Crime” that continues to terrorize our Dineh people.

Justice was put aside at this time,during this court no issues of Arrick’s homesite or religious grounds were allowed to be heard. We believe that Arrick was railroaded into this guilty verdict.

The case will be appealed for some of the important issues, which were not addressed and considered.

Louise Benally

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