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Differences Between Traditional Hopi & Hopi Tribal Council

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Original article was found at http://himalayanacademy.com/Resources/Hopi/issue_41.html and the link for the entire Hopi list of publications at the resource http://www.gurudeva.dynip.com/cgi-bin/htsearch?config=&restrict=&exclude=&method=and&format=builtin-long&sort=score&words=hopi .

First of all we thank our readers, and people far and wide, for continued support for our cause. Also for encouraging us to push on for our survival.

Often we are sad and discouraged that our voices are not being heard. We try not to grieve, instead we gather strength. The teaching we learned, that we must neither lose sight of our prayers or the Divine Laws of our Creator. Laws which never change or break down, that often helps bring miracles, when one meets obstacles which seem impossible to pass. We must struggle on until our prophecies are fulfilled, for better or worse.


This world is in a terribly confused mess and faces grave danger. Almost all people now are without a genuine moral sense and spiritual discernment.

There is almost no limit to hurt people cause each other, so much so that they consider it a virtue not even to feel or show emotions. They are, almost all of them, only interested in themselves, even in their benevolence.

Sex and physical expression is their major, fundamental, stumbling block. Along with the pursuit of money, etc. and is the fundamental basis for the varied lying and hypocrisy. Much blame for the confusion in society must be placed upon the teachers of the divine knowledge of the old world (Europe and Asia) because of their confusion, sometimes acknowledged, about the meaning and place of sexuality in expression of life. Because these teachers were held in regard as divine and perfect.

Their own errors, ignorance and prejudices came to dominate the whole of this civilization, upsetting balance and offsetting much of the good that they had accomplished. They, themselves, helped to corrupt and sometimes destroy millions of innocent people in their attempt to eliminate the mystery of sexuality from humanity.

There is very little that can be done at this time to change people. There is very little that can be done to correct the spiritual confusion, or contradictions, in this civilization. Only through ultimate disaster has the situation of so many errors, seen and unseen, the possibility of being made straight.


Our elders teach that through prayer a miracle is often possible. Because of what has been happening this past month we feel something maybe good is coming our way, what we have searched and waited for. This could be a powerful force if we all guide it to the right direction. At this writing three authoritative organizations are interested in helping and getting involved in our struggle for independence. We pray our attempts will materialize favorably.

The first two mentioned, with whom we have already met are:

First, a man representing the Senate Investigating Committee on Indian Affairs.

Second, a man representing the UN Sub-Commission, Protection of Minorities, has been an invited guest of Hotevilla Hopi elders.

Since space is limited, briefly we outline the summary of the meeting. In both meetings related matters were discussed reflecting only on Hotevilla Village concerns. There our position and stand we need not repeat, you will gather ideas from the pages of this newsletter what the meetings were about.

Navajo people of Big Mountain shared the meeting, their views of forced relocation, the treatment by Hopi progressive council and the police force, about their concern for the future.

The meeting was a success. The only problem arose when the Hopi Tribal Council hostilely raided the meeting in an attempt to disrupt the meeting. There was no violence, perhaps only a shame on themselves, before UN Sub-Commission as witness.

Herein we wish to make a clear understanding of Hopi position. Often outsiders are misled by various sources, even by Hopi themselves.

From our viewpoint often people outside take it that the Hopi tribe is one Nation. This is not true. There are several Hopi Villages in Hopi land. The fact is that each Village has its own self-governing body under religious leaders. Each Village is independent from one another. Each under their own guidelines to follow. Therefore we have no central government. This rule is very important to keep the Villages out
of other Villages affairs.

We were happy and in peace until the Bureau of Indian Affairs, under the Federal Government, encroached upon our land followed by the creation of the Hopi Tribal Council by the BIA. Ever since we have had problems, conflicts and unrests because of adoption of foreign concepts by the Hopi Tribal Council. Problems such as leasing out the land to mineral developers, pro grams that spell “progress for economy,” land grabbing, etc. The resistance of Traditional Leaders was not heeded.

Now we have received news from an informed source that a new mineral development plan has been drawn up by the Federally recognized Hopi Tribal Council. This is in the area from which Navajos were forcibly relocated. Much coal mining is planned for the Big Mountain area. Plus a large addition to the strip mining now underway further north at Black Mesa. A great increase in water use is also considered.

This situation would not be if the Hopi Tribal Council would stop ignoring the Traditional Leaders’ advice and opinions as to why they are rejecting this program. The Traditional Leaders foresee further harm in depleting water tables and springs upon which our farming and domestic uses depend for self-sufficiency. Hopi and other Native People possessed the land for thousands of years before the Hopi Tribal Council was created. Spiritually looking at it the Hopi Tribal Council has no basis in controlling our land. We believe their purpose is to tarnish the cultural and traditional patterns and destroy our leadership structure through scheming ways.

According to the wisdom and knowledge of our elders, we received Divine Laws and identity as Hopi (peaceful) from our Divine Creator. That if we use them wisely we will have along, peaceful, life as a people. But if we carelessly adopt a foreign system of laws we will face unfortunate situations.

So we look on from the spiritual point of view as the so-called Hopi Tribal Council adopted their own man-made bylaws and constitution. In so doing they cast away the laws of our Creator, our Traditional leadership and also our religion. Therefore they are no longer Hopi. Their identity is lost. They are no longer caretakers of the land. Their only interest now is in abusing the land, our mother.

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