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F-14s fly over Big Mountain

May 5, 2001 by  
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I’m starting to get a bad feeling that this land will become sacrifice land by order of Master Bush. I hear on the radio that California needs the electricity and the coal from here is what they use for their generating plants. Little Brother (the industrial culture) will most likely get their way, and the resisters here will be forcibly removed. I hope not, but I feel this is what will happen. I haven’t seen any help from the Navajo (Dineh) Nation except for two pickup loads of fire wood. Maybe the Dineh Nation may be doing more behind the scenes but not much visible to the resisters.

Now for the rest of the news: On 23 March at 12 noon, there were two F-14s flew over. They were on opposite ridges (on either side of the house) and flying low (20 feet above the trees) and slow. One of them I could see the profile of the pilot (I was out with the sheep and close to the ridge towards the east). They were flying from the north to the south. Two days later, two (2) blackhawk choppers flew over again at a low and slow rate. I could make out the American flag on the fuselage. They were flying from the NE to the SW.

The first part of March, there was a Hopi Ranger drive by the house at least once a day that I saw, but haven’t seen him since. We are also monitored by the Hopi or BIA aircraft daily, usually twice a day. I feel the feds are getting serious by sending in military aircraft for recon photo missions. With the electrical shortages in California, I think they (the feds) will be making a move to evict the resisters by force so the mine can get this coal. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so, especially with a military involvement. Roberta has told me she reduces (by order of the feds) her sheep from 200 to 60 and now they are giving her grazong permits for 10 sheep, thus telling her to reduce more. They (the hopi/BIA) was supposed to be there 3 April to count the sheep, but they never showed up. Today is 04-09-01, and I saw a federal truck at 1600 (4 PM). I don’t know if it was Hopi or BIA or federal marshal. The Hopi drive white Chevies (at least what is all I’ve seen). THis was  green like a forest service truck. I couldn’t read the emblem on the side. In February I saw a four-engine prop plane flying in the bottom of the canyon here. That was a strange feeling, as I was on the top of the ridge looking down on the plane. The plane was solid black with no markings on it. The plane looked like the old DC-3, those that the airborn jumped out of during WW2.

I have done my prayers every day, praying for the earth changes to happen before the feds move in here; but I don’t think that will happen. Maybe it is as the Hopi prophecies say: Little brother may have to start removing the liver out of the Earth Mother’s chest before she starts her purification. Maybe this deal with China will stop (or escalate) this here. I heard on a talk show last night (4-8, radio) that the Chinese leaders feel that war with the U.S. is inevitable. If that be true, we will have more problems than a shortage of electricity. I don’t know. I
do know I am not the man in charge, so all I can do is take my feelings at the present time and try to do what they tell me. How I wish I had different orders from the Great Spirit. Then there would be no questions or doubts. All part of our learning lessons?

At any rate you have the latest and an update on the situation here. My feelings you can take with a grain of salt. Maybe you’ll feel the same or maybe not. I do know things (at this point in time) do not look good
for the grandmas and resisters.

May your path be straight and easy and may the Great Spirit guide your every step.

For all my relations

Your Brother at the Altar,

John Benally

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