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Elders Living in Fear and Heartache

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Clarence and Mary Lou Blackrock of Cactus Valley are sitting up all night by the fire, unable to sleep for fear of their sheep being taken. This distress endangers the elder’s health. This family wanted these pictures shared so that the world can see the suffering at the hands of the federal government and Department […]


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Hopi Rangers arrested two individuals and impounded 120 sheep this morning at the homesite of Tom and Etta Begay in Red Willow Springs.  Heavily armed rangers guarded and blocked nearby dirt road entrances as well. “The Hopi Rangers came for our homestead early this morning. They tried to arrest my Aunt Etta who is almost […]


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UPDATE from HPL (Hopi Partition Land) residents:  Shirley Tohannie and elder Caroline Tohannie  had their entire herd of 65 sheep impounded by the Hopi Rangers (US federal government) Tuesday, October 22, 2014.If the fines aren’t paid the sheep will go to auction, and the family is being told that the sheep will not be able […]

Request for Sheepherders and Human Rights Observers-July 2014

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*******BMIS is in the process of updating our contacts.  In order to keep receiving updates from BMIS, please confirm your information here.  Thank you!! ***** “This land is being taken away because they’ve got power in Washington. We were put here with our Four Sacred Mountains and we were created to live here. We know […]

Help get the word out about the Big Mountain Training Camp!

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Thanks so much for getting the word out about the Big Mountain Training Camp and helping to honor 40 years of Dineh resistance to cultural genocide, forced relocation, and large-scale coal mining. This is a important moment for building a broad-coalition of resistance against Peabody.  The camp is a collaborative effort of The Elders Circle […]

Big Mountain Spring Training Camp May 16-23, 2014

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BIG MOUNTAIN SPRING TRAINING CAMP MAY 16th-23rd, 2014 BIG MOUNTAIN, DINEH NATION #Honor40Years #Not1MoreRELOCATION #KeepitintheGround “What we are trying to save—the Female Mountain—is alive. She is alive, she has blood flowing through her veins, which is the Navajo Aquifer, and the coal they are digging is Her liver. They are destroying Her.”–Marie Gladue, Big Mountain […]

BMIS Newsletter Fall 2013

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View this email in your browser Sovereign Dineh Nation Survival School 2013 Last year, the SDN Survival School reconvened after a 20 year hiatus. This year, the revival continued! For two weekends in October—the 5-6th and the12-14th—there was an “intergenerational forum for the sharing of traditional and contemporary survival skills” hosted at a family’s home site.  […]

Big Mountain Resister, Leonard Benally, Passes On

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  Yesterday, on October 11th, lifelong Big Mountain resident and relocation resister, Leonard Benally, Dineh, passed on to the spirit world.  According to his family, he passed on quickly and easily and was surrounded by his family.  His family asked that a statement go out to the BMIS support network. They are remembering him as […]

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