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Statement of Navajo elder and relocation resister Pauline Whitesinger- May 2011

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Hello, my name is Pauline Whitesinger. I am an Edgewater Clan, born for Apache clan. I am Navajo or “Din4”. I am up in the years, i don’t know how old exactly. The place where I am standing has been subject to a “Land dispute”. So they drew a line around us. I was told […]

Testimony from a Sheepherder

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I have just left after a four month stay on the Land. This was my 14th winter staying with Dine’ families residing on the so-called HPL and resisting the relocation laws by continuing to live on the land of their grandparents of generations back. It has been an intense winter. The big snowstorm was a […]

Statement of Pauline Whitesinger, elder Dine’ resister, Edgewater Clan 2/10/10

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Greetings to my relatives. I want you all to be aware of an incident that has occurred at my residence (Sweetwater, Black Mesa) this past week. As you may be aware we have had a lot of snow this winter. BIA road grading crews have been slow, but they have been coming. Some of them […]

A Petition From The Big Mountain Situation

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Old, the Young, the Coming Generation, and Relatives: As we speak, there exist a state of fear and anxiety in a traditional community at Big Mountain in the heart of Black Mesa. And as we speak, the federally deputized officers of the BIA Hopi Agency Police and Rangers are patrolling this […]

Big Mountain Native writes an appeal for us all to listen and honor the traditional Elders of Big Mountain.

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The SDN (Sheep Dog Nation) Rocks’ Blog, “Big Mountain Survival Camp Stories,” will soon be outta service, but will post a couple more infos before it is a ‘wrap.’ Several factors are key to this decision but mainly it has to do with Native American ignorance towards its own elders and its future generations. It’s a […]

News Release: OSM Approves Black Mesa Project Final EIS

December 31, 2008 by  
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News Release For Immediate Release Contact: Calvin Johnson Wednesday, December 31, 2008 OFFICE OF SURFACE MINING APPROVES BLACK MESA PROJECT FINAL EIS C-Aquifer for Dine members disappointed but will continue to fight OSM’s decisionswine flu statistics Swine Flu Protection intestinal flu treatment for the flu Swine Flu Course Progression Duration Treatment Tamiflu swine flu protection […]

Ancient Ways Abandoned to Fend for Themselves at Big Mountain – Pauline Whitesinger Interview

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(Left Photo by Akilla Kojima. Inset photo is Dineh elder, Pauline Whitesinger’s traditional earth lodge and still under construction that the BIA tribal authorities say is illegal because Pauline has never signed any kind of agreements with the Feds in regards to the 1974 relocation law.) Early 21st Century: The Last Days of Traditional Indigenous […]

Big Mtn. Elder Matriarch Continues to Face ‘Federal’ Threats

Big Mountain, Black Mesa (Arizona), November 18, 2008 – A nice peaceful morning in the Dineh resistance stronghold known as Sweet Water was again disrupted by a uniformed officer from the Office of Hopi Lands. This officer who had a badge that indicated he was with the Hopi tribal police claimed he was not serving a “noticed” on behalf of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, nor the U.S. government. The small 82 year old matriarch, Pauline Whitesinger, was trying to speak in the Dineh language to the thick and tall Indian officer that cannot understand Dineh and who was ‘assigned’ to meet with (grandma) Pauline about her “unauthorized” reconstruction of a traditional earth lodge.

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